WORKSHOP: “Forecasting and Inventory Management within Supply Chains: Challenges and Improvement Levers


Time: 09h00 - 12h00 / 12.5.2016
Venue: Opera Hotel De Hanoi, No 29 Trang Tien, Hanoi

In an uncertain environment where the variability of customer demand has increased significantly and where inventories have become both extremely costly but also indispensable, companies are seeking to improve the management of their flows at all levels of the supply chain in order to better satisfy the final customers and reduce costs. Obviously, the better the demand forecasting procedures in place and the more appropriate the inventory control policies being utilized the higher the chances to achieve these goals. Moreover, the complexity of supply chains has increased significantly and, nowadays, they contain a wide variety of products characterized by different demand patterns, such as fast moving products with low or high demand volatility and intermittent/slow demand products. These different demand patterns require specific approaches and methods of demand forecasting and inventory management. These approaches will be discussed during the workshop in order to provide managerial insights to deal with the supply chain challenges.


Mohamed Zied BABAI

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zied BABAI
Professor at CFVG MBA program
Senior Professor Kedge Business School

Prof. Babai is a Senior Professor in Operations Management at Kedge Business School and he is the head of the Operations and Supply Chain Management Research Group. He teaches Sales forecasting and inventory management in various programmes at KEDGE. Previously, he held lecturer and research positions at Ecole Centrale Paris (France) and Salford University and Bucks New University (United Kingdom). His work has been published in journals such as Production and Operations Management, European Journal of Operational Research, Naval Research Logistics and International Journal of Production Economics among others. 

Julien Brun
Julien Brun – Ceaseless contribution to Vietnam Supply Chain
Julien is the Founder and General Director of CEL Consulting, the first international Supply Chain and Operations consulting firm in Vietnam. He is now managing a team of consultants who is fully involved in providing their expertise to procurement, manufacturing and logistics related businesses in the region. Being credited as one of the pioneers in Vietnam Supply Chain, he’s also holding important positions in the two other reputable economic organizations: Co-founder of Vietnam Supply Chain Community and Vice President of French Chamber of Commerce Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh chapter). MSc in mechanical and system engineering (Technology University of Troyes, Ecole Nationale des Arts et Metiers, Paris), he gathered experience and know-how at several positions in product/process optimization in aeronautics (Airbus, Cooper tool) and automotive industry (Peugeot Citroen, Rover group) in France, England and Holland. Julien has spent as well 2 years in Africa, where he coordinated logistics and food distribution for >100,000p refugee camps in Africa, for the account of WFP (World Food Program) and UNHCR (High Commissioner for Refugees). From his arrival in Vietnam in 2005, Julien immediately felt lined up with local dynamism and developed the firm intention to support actively the country's industrial development. Beside consulting work, he is now lecturer in Lean Management and SCM in for Executive MBA program of CFVG Ho Chi Minh city.

Hence, the aim of this workshop is twofold:

(1) To present some of the main challenges encountered by supply chain managers in terms of forecasting and inventory management of their products, namely:

- Demand volatility;
- Forecast inaccuracy;
- Bullwhip effect;
- Increase in inventory costs.

(2) To present some levers than can be used at both the strategic and operational levels to deal with the above cited challenges, namely:

- Demand categorization;
- Specific demand forecasting approaches;
- Demand aggregation;
- Information sharing.

The workshop presents, through practical contexts and illustrations, state-of-the-art approaches that can be used by managers dealing with sales forecasting and inventory management.

Language: English  

Free Entry for 30 English speaking participants, preferred professionals within Supply Chain sector.

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19, April, 2016