A robust alumni network, with 3,000 members in different industries.

From your first day as a CFVG student, you are able to leverage the power of one of the best professional networks in Vietnam. Over 3,000 CFVG’s master graduates, including high flyer managers & Entrepreneurs, senior professionals and manager in Marketing/Finance are connected by a robust alumni network to forge strong ties with the corporate world and build professional network.

CFVG alumni in figures:

  • 70% at management level
    • 10 % at top management position
    • 14% senior management
    • 44 % at middle management level
  • From 57 key industrial sectors
  • …% are Entrepreneurs / business owners

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 Alumni Scheme Policy:

Category 1: If the potential student recommended have a family relationship with the student or alumni (limited for spouse, children, sisters and brothers) will benefit a discount of 10.000.000 (Ten thousand Vietnam dong) from the total tuition fee of the program.

Category 2: If the alumni/student recommend a potential candidate (who is not in the category 1) to a CFVG’s program, will receive a referral bonus with value of 6.000.000 (Six thousand Vietnam dong). This bonus will be paid through 1 among following forms:

  • Deduction from tuition fee of refer CFVG
  • Deduction from tuition fee for the student recommended
  • Donation to CFVG Alumni budget for various activities
  • Donation to CFVG Alumni charity
  • Service voucher from CFVG’s Partner (Shopping, restaurants, travels …)

Category 3: All alumni will benefit a discount of 10.000.000 (Ten thousand Vietnam dong) if s/he choose to continue a second program at CFVG 


Alumni Referral Program


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  • Clubs (business, sport, leisure…)
  • Team building events
  • Workshops and professional talks
  • Regular networking sessions
  • Charity activities

For more information about the Business School alumni network, visit:

CFVG ALUMNI GALA DINNER 2016, together we do excellence!

More than hundred 200 students and former students of all programs at CFVG attended the Annual Alumni Gala Dinner 2016. The dazzling gala event took place on the evening of the 23rd April at Hanoi Tower. The event was also graced by the attendance of Prof. Joel Metais, the Scientific Director of MEBF program from Paris Dauphine University, Dr. Nguyen Chan, Academic Director of CFVG and other members of management and staff.

According to Mr. Hoang Kim Cuong, the president of CFVG ALUMNI association, such events afford students and ex-students of CFVG an opportunity to network and interact with one another from various industries. “As someone who went through any program of CFVG and holds one of the most prestigious higher education diplomas in the nation, you are part of the largest and most powerful living alumni community; covering every profession, in every corner of the business world. Making it a better place. Belonging to CFVG Alumni Association, you’ll find opportunities, fiends, networks… and you will be always connected back to that place you once called home” said Mr. Cuong.

  • Nguyen Thai Dung, CFVG MBA 6, Deputy General Director, Big C
  • Nguyen Thi Nhung, CFVG MBA 1, Managing Partner, Open Asia Group
  • Doan Viet Dung, CFVG MBA 3, Deputy General Director, Alstom Vietnam
  • Vu Duc Loi, CFVG MBA 14, Business Development Director, Kinh Do Group
  • Tran Bang Viet, CFVG MBA 17, Deputy General Manager, Le & Associates Executive
  • Nguyen Tien Dung, CFVG MMSS 6, Director, Coopxtra / Saigon Co.op
  • Tuong Tuan Thong, CFVG MMSS 1,  Managing Director, FTA Market Research Vietnam
  • Le Thi Hoa, CFVG MEBF 1, BOD Member, Vietcombank
  • Nguyen Thi Hong Van, CFVG MEBF 3 , BOD Member, Vietinbank
  • Tran Huu Dat, CFVG MMSS 8, Regional Sales Manager, Philip Morris Ltd.
  • Nguyen Vinh Hao, CFVG MMSS 2, Commercial Operation Manager, Coca Cola Vietnam
  • Pham Van Tien, CFVG MMSS 1, Marketing Manager, Sanofi-Aventis 
  • Bui Tuan Trung, CFVG MEBF 5, President, Bao Viet Fund Management
  • Hoang Hoai Giang, CFVG MEBF 5, Deputy General Director, Prevoir Vietnam
  • Hoang Kim Truong, CFVG MEBF 1, Country Head of Sales and Structuring, Citibank Vietnam
  • Nguyen Phi Lan, CFVG MEBF 2, Deputy General Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Trinh Hoang Linh, CFVG MEBF 6, Vice President and Representative, Wachovia Bank N.A Hanoi Rep. Office
  • Tran Thi Nguyet Oanh, CFVG MEBF 4, CEO HBAP Hanoi Branch, HSBC 

  • Do To Hoai, CFVG MMSS 8, Director, INTECKO
  • Bui Nguyet Anh, CFVG MBA 5, Genecode
  • Nguyen Van Phuong, CFVG MMSS 8, Sage Brand and Communication Academy
  • Nguyen Hong Dai, CFVG MBA 21, APT Travel
  • Pham Ngoc Dung / Nguyen Giang To, CFVG MBA 19, Xanh Viet Ltd.
  • Nguyen Thanh Tuan, CFVG MMSS 8, Sao Kim Brand Ltd.
  • Nguyen Duc Hai, CFVG MMSS 6, THH Décor Ltd.,
  • Nguyen Diem Anh, CFVG MMSS 5, AND Communication Ltd.
  • Nguyen Quynh Nga, CFVG MMSS 9, Celadetox
  • Nguyen Hien, CFVG MBA 19, Hiworld Ltd.
  • Phạm Giang Lam, CFVG MBA 12,

Many of our most valuable students are referred by a current student or alumni.

Recommendations of qualified students ensure the continued success of our programs.

Alumni Referral Program


Refer a candidate