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1. Are CFVG programs suitable with busy people?

All of our classes are organized on weekend and outside working hours. 


2. Where are CFVG campuses located?

We have two campuses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.


3. Can I submit online application?

Yes. Please process at


4. Do you offer any online master program?

No. CFVG only offers in-class programs.


5. Do you have any financial support for students?

CFVG offers different scholarships for each program. Click here for further information.


6. Do you offer any English preparation course before enrollment? 

Currently we do not have any public English preparation course for an individual. If you can form a group of at least 5, please contact us.


1. What is minimum requirement of English entry level for CFVG MBA program?

Candidates must obtain an English certificate equivalent or above:

- TOEFL iBT: 46 / TOEFL ITP: 450

- IELTS: 5.5

- Cambride Assessment English: B2 First/B2 Business Vantage / Linguaskill: 160

- TOEIC (4 skills): Listening 400, Reading 385, Speaking 160, Writing 150

Otherwise, the andidates with a university degree or higher where the curriculum is taught in English will be exempted from the English ceritificate. CFVG reserves the right to ask for verification from the candidate's university in some cases.


2. What is CFVG MBA entrance examination format?

All questions are multiple choice of various topic on general and economics, documentary issues, maths - logic and English.


3. What are the topics in interview round?

Once passing the written test, candidates will join interview round in which they are asked questions about topics such as experience, motivation and career development plan.


4. How many times can I try CFVG MBA entrance examination?

You can register to join either April or August examination, or even both to achieve the highest result.


5. I already obtained valid GMAT score, can it be converted to my CFVG MBA entrance examination result?

Yes. Before the examination you should send your GMAT score to our MBA academic team to convert it to the maths - logic and English parts in written test.

After joining CFVG MBA and paying the first tuition fee installment, the GMAT fee will be refunded to the candidate.


6. What is the intensive course? Who has to take it?

The intensive course is mandatory to non-economist candidates (engineers, lawyers, linguists, etc.).


7. Is CFVG MBA degree internationally recognized?

CFVG MBA degree is accredited with EPAS and is recognized world-wide.


8. What is EPAS?

EPAS is an international programme accreditation system operated by EFMD. It aims to evaluate the quality of business and/or management degree programmes that have an international perspective and, where of an appropriately high quality, to accredit them. The process involves a review in depth of individual programmes through international comparison and benchmarking.

EPAS was launched in 2005 and in over 10 years has had a considerable impact on the quality of business school programmes all over the world. As of 6 June 2017, 105 Programmes from 77 Institutions across 36 countries have been awarded EPAS accreditation. Currently CFVG MBA is still the first and only EPAS accredited international master in Vietnam.


9. How can I get scholarship as a CFVG MBA student? What are criteria?

Once joining the CFVG MBA examination, you are automatically enrolled in our scholarship program. Criteria are based on results of entrance examination and each semester.

For example: your entrance score will determine the 1st semester scholarship, then the result of 1st semester will be used to determine the scholarship for the following semester and so on.

For further of CFVG scholarships, click here.


10. What is CFVG exchange program?

At CFVG an MBA student has an option to study abroad FREE at one of CFVG partner schools in France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea on the 2nd year.

You should also consult our MBA academic team for details as each partner has different procedure.


11. What are partner schools that I can choose for my 2nd year study abroad?

For the list of available exchange partners, click here.


12. Is there any difference between the MBA degree for a 2-year student in Vietnam and the one granted for a 2nd-year exchange student?

Students who choose to study 2 years in Vietnam will be granted MBA degree by National Economics University and CCI Paris Île-de-France.

Students who complete the 2nd year in partner schools will be awarded with the degree mentioned above plus second master degree by the partner school.

1. What is the training purpose of a specialized master at CFVG? 

The purpose of a specialized master program at CFVG is to train a professional or specialist, rather than a manager.


2. What is minimum experience required to join a CFVG specialized master program?

2-year working experience in relevant field is minimum required to join a CFVG specialized master program.


3. My background is not relevant to the specialization of the master program, can I join?

In some exceptional cases, we accept however that candidate should demonstrate a strong motivation as well as a clear career path to study the specialization. However, we recommend that the candidate should think carefully before choosing to study a specialization that is not his/her background.


4. Is there any scholarship offered to specialized master students?

Yes. We have several scholarships for specialized master students. For detailed information, click here.


5. What should I prepare for the interview for CFVG specialized master program?

The questions will be usually about your experience in study specialized field, your idea or understanding of some terms or documentary events. You also need to demonstrate your motivation and clear career pathway during the interview.


6. What is study trip? Is it included in tuition fee?

Specialized master students have opportunities to join a 1-to-2-week study trip in France. There they are able study a course at the French school/university, visit some enterprises and attend professional workshops.


7. What is consultancy project at the end of the program? Is it carried out by individual or group of students?

At the end of the program, the student is required to complete a consultancy project defense for graduation. The project can be carried out by either an individual or a group of two. The consultancy project provides an opportunity to explore in-depth a specific topic and to handle a project built upon real-life problems and situations.


8. Who is the faculty and what is their expertise?

 The faculty of specialized master programs come from prestigious schools and universities in Europe: ESCP Europe, Paris Dauphine University and IAE Paris, Sorbonne Business school. All of them have both theoretical and practical knowledge accumulated from teaching and consulting experience. 


1. What are the entrance requirements of CFVG PhD program?

In order to be eligible for CFVG PhD program, the candidate must obtain a master degree from a recognized school or university. (S)he should have English proficiency equivalent IELTS 6.0 and accumulate 3-year working experience. 


2. What is the pathway of PhD program?

 For the first year, the student will study 14 modules in 2 semesters (240 teaching hours delivered by foreign professors) at CFVG campus in Vietnam and is granted Diplome Inter Unversitaire Research in Management by Paris Dauphine University, University of Lille or University of Strasbourg.

From 2nd to 4th year, the student will study 18 modules in 6 semesters (258 teaching hours delivered by foreign professors) in Vietnam or France. Once completion, French Doctorate degree will be awarded by Paris Dauphine University, University of Lille, University of Strasbourg, IAE Paris Sorbonne Business school or University of Aix-Marseille. 


3. Will I have to travel to France to study the whole program?

For the first year the student will study at CFVG campus in Vietnam. For the 2nd to 4th year, the student can choose study full-time at a French doctoral school or fly to France once or twice per year.


4. Can I do my research in French?

The research can be carried out in English or French.