Workshop: "Balanced Scorecard and Benchmark Development for an e-commerce SME"


Time: 09: 00 – 12:00 | 02.06.2016
Venue: CFVG Building – 91 3/2 Street, Dis. 10, HCMC
Prof. Dr. Robert C. Rickards
Prof. Dr. Rolf Ritsert

This workshop tells how balanced scorecards are having a major impact on executives‘ strategic decision making by encouraging their use of future-oriented, non-monetary success indicators. It explains how to create a balanced scorecard with a reasonable number of indicators set appropriate benchmarks for them, and evaluate overall management performance against those benchmarks.  In doing so, it relies heavily on a controlling tool that is new to the business sector: data envelopment analysis. After discussing the theoretical foundations of this nonparametric optimization procedure and defining several key terms.

This workshop will present a practical example. The example assesses management’s performance from several perspectives, paying particular attention to the implications of the results for a firm’s strategic and operational controlling. It also offers an overview of various models for data envelopment analysis, describes limits to its use, and concludes with a summary of key findings.


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Prof. Dr. Robert C. Rickards is Professor of Accounting and Finance and Research Professor as well as Director of the Ph.D. Workshop Program at the Germany Police University in Münster, Germany. He has directed numerous research projects for companies, foundations, and government agencies (including the European Commission, USAID, and the World Bank).

Prof. Rickards recently completed a controlling trilogy (Budgetplanung kompakt, Kostensteuerung kompakt, and Leistungssteuerung kompakt), published by the Oldenbourg Verlag. He also serves on the Editorial Boards of Benchmarking: An International Journal; International Journal on Accounting, Business, and Society; and the Indian Journal of Research in Capital Markets.

Prof. Dr. Rolf Ritsert is Professor and Head of the Department of Business Administration - Public Management at the German Police University in Münster, Germany. He has directed research projects for the European Union, various companies, and for the German federal and state governments, and acts as an Adviser to the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

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24, May, 2016