News Integration day in view of Ania Taśmińska


Integration day in view of a CFVG's student from Poland who has great hobby of traveling, Ania Taśmińska: "It was a long day, full of thrills, excitement and laughter".

Saturday. The day started early. Waking up just after 5 am to get to the University building by 6:45 am. Time to integrate. There coaches full of students and lecturers drove off into the unknown. Ride and getting to know each other already indicated it will be a fun day. Rain met us at our destination in Ban Xoi Valley. Instead of admiring the views we were admiring sheds and shelters. But it wasn’t the views that brought us here in the first place.

In all three coaches were only 6 Europeans which meant that most of the activities were happening in Vietnamese. Charades, rapping, dancing and „Simon Says” – the fact that most of those games went completely over our heads made it even funnier. Dancing with a balloon and feeding yogurt blindfolded didn’t require any linguistic skills – something we could really see ourselves doing. Lunch for everyone and singing, time to relax.

The people of Vietnam know how to have fun. They can laugh at themselves and like to joke around. This kind of attitude can chase the clouds away. The air became fresh for the first time since I’ve arrived in Hanoi.

The next two hours we spent separated into 5 teams, competing with each other in doing all sorts of hilarious things. Pulling sweets out of a bowl full of flour, raising of hand made flags as high as possible, walking on bamboo pails and many, many more that are really hard to put into words and really illustrate what they were about. It was a long day, full of thrills, excitement and laughter.


04, November, 2016