The Artist inside each of Us


Last Sunday, Nov 11th, 2017, CFVG Alumni HCMC collaborated with Lucy Art 3D to organize a painting workshop with the topic “Paris at a glance”.

Through this activity, CFVG would like to create a “playground” for CFVG students and alumni, where they could take some time off to relax.

Before the workshop, the participants wondered whether they could make their own paintings since most of them hadn’t hold a brush before. However, the result was amazing. After 3 hours, they were able to create their own paintings of the lovely Eiffel tower – the most famous symbol of Paris. Mr. Chi Nguyen – MBA intake 21 expressed his thought about the event: “Thanks to CFVG, I enjoyed having the opportunities to meet my old classmates in a relaxing atmosphere. It’s good to try something new and discover that you really like it.

Let’s take a look at some of the workshop’s photos:


15, November, 2017