DiURiM award and PhD gathering night


7 PhD students were awarded with DiURiM award followed by a memorable gathering night at which PhD Alumni from different intakes came back the school and cheered their success.

On 19th and 20th June 2018 in Hanoi and HCMC, CFVG held the honor to award its 7 PhD students with "Diplome Inter Universitaire Research in Management" (DiURiM).

The DiURiM degree marked the completion of the PhD 1st year at CFVG. The PhD students had gone through 240 teaching hours delivered by foreign professors of 14 modules in 2 semesters. DiURiM degree at CFVG would be awarded by Paris Dauphine University, University of Lille or University of Strasbourg.

The special event welcomed representatives from CFVG's partner doctoral schools: Pr. Dr. Serge Dauchy, Pr. Dr. Frederic Lobez, Mr. Olivier Seys, Mr. Phillipe Cordonnier (University of Lille), Pr. Dr. Veronique Perret (Paris Dauphine University), Pr. Dr. Jocelyn Donze (University of Strasbourg) and Pr. Pierre X Meschi (IAE Aix-Marseille).

6 PhD students were academic lecturers in Vietnam and international universities: Ton Duc Thang University, Pole Univeristy of France (VNU), Eastern International University, Foreign Trade University in Hanoi & HCMC. One student was from Military Bank.

The award ceremony was then followed by a gathering party when each professor sent their own congratulations speech, the Alumni from different intakes recalled their memories in French schools while enjoying dinner with champagne. 






21, June, 2018