On June 19 – 24 2018, a group of seventeen students of Chulalongkorn University (Chula) visited CFVG HCMC Campus as part of the student exchange program agreement between the 2 institutions. The general purpose of this agreement is to establish specific educational relations and cooperation between the two schools in order to promote academic links and to enrich the student’s understanding and experience of the two countries concerned. During this study trip, they participated in an intensive Master in Economics of Banking & Finance (MEBF) course with existing CFVG students, followed by many company visits and conferences.

Besides taking part in a full course on “Mergers and Acquisitions” (M&A), taught by Prof. Alain Chevalier – Scientific Director of CFVG MEBF program, the Chula students also visited Bangkok Bank and Starprint Vietnam Co., Ltd where they discussed about “How Thai companies are doing business in Vietnam”. Moreover, the group was involved in deeper topics at the conferences on M&A activities in Vietnam presented by Mr. Vo Sang Xuan Vinh, CFA, Co-Founder, Partner of Bluewave Advisory Co. Ltd. and Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, PR Director of Central Group Vietnam.  

The Chula students expressed this was an exhilarating, informative study trip with many stating that there was a need to take time to digest all of the experiences packed into such a short time. As Mr. Prince Ratchatasumrit (Chula group leader) stated: “Overall, this trip exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by the extensive knowledge and experience of the Professor and conference speakers. Over the past few days, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. I definitely will recommend this course to my fellow friends and colleagues.”

After the trip, a bond has been formed between the students of both institutions. The Chula students look forward to welcoming our CFVG MEBF students visiting Thailand on July 12 – 18 2018.

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02, July, 2018