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CFVG community also opens doors to a wider world of opportunity.

Students come to CFVG from a variety of sectors and bring with them every kind of business experience, from leadership, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship...We create a community that promotes the individual, yet always values the collaborative experience fostered in your learning teams and clusters.

Also, our active, accessible alumni, more than 3,000 members in all economic sectors, play a key role in the lives of current students, through professional seminars, networking events, team building trips, charity activities ... Those connections live on well beyond graduation, giving you a lifetime of benefits.

Strong links with prestigious banks, corporations, institutions, entrepreneurs enable CFVG to benefit invaluable support in improving training quality. CFVG’s students and graduates are always important source of employments for key corporate positions. CFVG also makes creative use of experienced practitioners who are high ranked professionals and top managers from various industries in its classes and seminars as visiting lecturers and speakers.

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